The Shoei X-SPR Pro: A Professional Racing Helmet


Maximum Speed, Unrivaled Safety

Dive into the world of peak performance with the Shoei X-SPR Pro, a professional racing helmet designed for MotoGP speeds of 350 kilometers per hour. Its uncompromising design, aerodynamic stability, and innovative ventilation system give this helmet the decisive edge on the racetrack.

Designed for Extreme Situations

At 350 kilometers per hour, where the straight becomes a narrow line, the SHOEI X-SPR Pro is the helmet of choice. Its aerodynamic shape ensures the highest stability, while the ventilation system directs fresh air radically into the helmet, ensuring maximum supply even in extreme situations.

The Extra in Safety and Comfort

The SHOEI X-SPR Pro is not only focused on peak performance but also offers an extra in safety and comfort. Discover how this professional racing helmet was developed not only for speed but also to meet the highest standards of protection and comfort.

Choose the Decisive Advantage

Whether on the racetrack or at professional races - the Shoei X-SPR Pro is the professional racing helmet for riders seeking the decisive advantage. Immerse yourself in the world of top speeds and ultimate protection with Shoei, the name trusted by professionals.