Shoei VFX-WR 06 - Professional Off-Road Helmet with ECE 22.06 Certification


Certified Safety to ECE 22.06 Standard

Experience the Shoei VFX-WR 06 Off-Road Helmet, a high-performance professional helmet certified to the stringent safety standards of the ECE 22.06 norm. With innovative technology and an aerodynamic design, this helmet provides maximum protection for off-road enthusiasts.

Powerful Design for Professionals

The Shoei VFX-WR 06 sets new standards in the off-road sector with its powerful design. Specially developed for professional riders, this helmet offers maximum performance and safety on the track. Explore how the innovative features of the VFX-WR 06 add a new dimension to your off-road adventures.

Innovative Technologies for Maximum Off-Road Safety

Experience maximum off-road safety with the innovative technologies of the Shoei VFX-WR 06. From shock-absorbing materials to an aerodynamic construction, this helmet sets new standards in protective gear. Immerse yourself in the world of advanced technologies that elevate your off-road excitement to a new level.

Your Shoei VFX-WR 06 Helmet - Professional Performance with ECE 22.06 Certification

Explore our selection of Shoei VFX-WR 06 off-road helmets and find the one that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or embarking on off-road adventures, the VFX-WR 06 offers professional performance and protection with ECE 22.06 certification. Choose Shoei for an off-road experience at the highest level.

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