Commander 2

Airoh Commander 2 Adventure helmet: robust protection and outstanding comfort

The Airoh Commander 2 Adventure Helm is a masterpiece of security and convenience. Developed for adventure drivers, this helmet offers a combination of exhausted;

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robust construction for f & ouml;

With its resistance & auml; Higen shell from thermoplasty, the Airoh Commander offers 2 Adventure helmet & uuml; explanatory protection in a wide variety of gel & auml; The aerodynamic design and the effective Bel & uuml;

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Innovative technology and comfort details

The Airoh Commander 2 helmet is equipped with innovative technology, including a highly developed visor system for a clear view and simple handling. The removable, washable and antibacterial inner padding, which is preserved, continued to maintain continued comfort, supported by an efficient Bel & uuml;

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versatility for adventure enthusiasts

With its versatile design and the possibility of attaching different accessories and parts, the Airoh Commander 2 Adventure Helm offers an individual adjustment for every adventure enthusiast. Its stressful construction and high comfort make him the perfect companion for demanding off-road adventure.

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